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Are you looking for a professional recording studio for your next production?
Dissatisfied with your completed mix or master?
You got the best sound inside the studio, but to quiet and not punchy enough on iTunes or on small loundspeakers?
Your self-recorded tracks aren't sounding fat enough?

We optimize all audio material with high-tech and know-how - so it is becoming punchy, brilliantly, loud and simply sounds great everywhere!

No matter whether you need service for CD, mp3, iTunes or video. We will deliver the fat sound!
Fullservice desired?
Recordings, Mixing, Mastering?
Looking for songwriting or text writing?
Looking for productions?
Looking for a backliner?

We are taking your tracks into the online shops,
via YouTube, Facebook, USB-stick or the classic way on CD/DVD!

If desired, we offer publication by our own music publisher and our label.
Label code for free!